About Us

At Mirror Image Barber Shop, we pride ourselves on having a culturally diverse clientele of all ages, which sets us apart from the rest. All ethnic backgrounds are represented and welcomed here.

A Comfortable Place

Although our barber shop is a place of business where one receives proper hair care services, we consider it to be much more. We provide a comfortable, relaxing place where one is able to relax and find good conversation and male bonding. One of the images that sparked our business is that of an older gentleman, sitting in the corner, offering valuable—if many times unsolicited—advice to a younger generation.

Our History

On April 19, 2000, we opened our doors for business, based upon the vision of founders Michael (Miz) Jones and Shawn (Boogie) Leyden. Our four barbers—Mike, Shawn, Evan and Angel—share more than 60 years of combined experience, and our continued goal is not only to have a barber shop, but to foster a family-friendly atmosphere for clients of all ethnic backgrounds.

Our Location

After months of searching for a good location, we chose Bound Brook for two important reasons. The first was to help the Borough of Bound Brook rebuild after the flood of September 1999, which forced many businesses to close their doors. The town was ready to rebuild, and we saw the opportunity to help. The second reason was the diverse community. We understood that being a barber requires you to have skill cutting all hair textures, and our expertise is custom tailored around all types of hair.

Client-Driven Success

Coming to Bound Brook has exceeded our expectations. Our success is due to our wonderful clients and the open arms of the community. If there is one thing we want you to remember, it is that we are constantly striving to master "A Reflection of Perfection."

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